Location Sound (On Set)

Meet Me

Ever need a bag and boom operator in the lower mainland of BC?

When I’m not pushing faders in the studio I love to strap up the bag with a small crew capturing a great story.  Location Sound is actually where my sound-for-film journey began about 10 years ago.  I’ve got the tools and the tape to wire your talent, swing or mount the boom, pump timecode & scratch mixes to all the gear, and provide some listening feeds if needed.  

My Kit

My kit is small and discrete, and can be expanded if needed.  The basic set is built for talking-head shoots where only 1-3 people need coverage.  Corporate advertising, documentary, BTS, or ENG style projects.  I can provide a boom and up to 3 high quality wireless, timecode for myself and the cameras, and audio feeds for cameras & clients or producers as needed (on the same mix).  The setup is all meant to be run by myself, and as such – comes at a one-person rate! 

If I’m not available, I can help connect you with other great operators too.

If it turns out I AM busy pushing faders on your shoot window I can link you up with some industry friends of mine who are just as experienced and can integrate with your shoot no problem.  Just reach out!