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Let’s make your media an experience.

I make documentaries and web media sound amazing.  It’s all here.  Let’s bring your story to life.

Let’s make your media an experience.

I make documentaries and web media sound amazing.  It’s all here.  Let’s bring your story to life.



Your Story, Your Sound.

Beyond Balance is a post-audio solution for media producers that want to tell great visual stories and develop memorable brands.  Great sound brings a picture to life, it turns a scene into an experience, and an experience into a memory.

Spend less time in the digital details – and more time creating great stories.

It’s all here, sonically speaking.

My intention is to make it easy for you to get amazing and consistent sounding media, every time.

Masters That Translate

With so many viewing mediums nowadays it’s paramount to ensure your media sounds great across all systems.  With my calibrated setup you can trust that it will.  

SFX, Foley, Music Sourcing

Nothing paints life into a scene like sound.  Beyond Balance is a one stop shop for your sound design needs – whether it be transitions, logo slides, animations, or real Foley for real picute.

State of The Art Dialogue Cleanup

Noise, birds, airplanes – oh my! There are so many pitfalls when recording on set.  My promise to you after a decade of experience is that if it’s possible to fix then I can do it. 

TV, Web, Streaming, Festival Ready

We’ll discuss whatever specs you might need for your intended broadcast platform(s) for each project.  Multi-level masters are no problem. 

Easy Revisions Through Frame.io

View your master in context and easily leave-time stamped notes for revisions with Frame’s industry leading collaborative tools.  My guess is that if you’re here reading this, you’re probably already familiar! 

Stems Supplied With Every Mix

Picture lock is set, the sound and colouring are mastered, and then boom!  A new edit is needed.  My clients find it amazingly convenient to have access to the stems for quick tweaks, shifts in the edit, or cutting trailers.

Collaborate From The Cloud

You can send me your files with your favourite cloud storage app, and I’ll upload your master and stems to dropbox or another app if you prefer.  A simple and sweet, totally remote workflow.

Flate Rate Estimates. No Billing Surprises.

Whenever it is possible I prefer to provide a locked-in flat rate for each project, quickly determined from the rough cut and scope we discuss.  Contact me today if you’re curious about budgeting a project!

Brand SFX

If I say “Netflix” – do you hear that sound that plays over their introductory motion graphic?  That’s a brand sound, and we can do that for you and your clients.  Let’s make your motion graphics, animations, and logos a memorable experience shall we?

SFX, Foley, Space, Dimension.  Let’s get your motion graphics to pop out of the screen!

Audio Restoration for Speech

Nothing takes the intimacy out of your message like odd sounds from beyond the picture.  I use industry-leading audio restoration software in every mix to ensure that all the viewer gets is your story – as you intended.

Room Cancelling

AC, fridges, light fixtures, oh my!  Almost every room has a “tone” it brings to the table..  

Noisy Lips

You may not hear them during the interview.  But the microphone sure does

Excessive S's

Microphones & Recorders absolutely LOVE to emphasize this harsh band of frequencies.

Ambience Matching

Is your perfect take a bunch of takes?  Ambience matching is the secret sauce.

Tone Matching

Similar to ambience matching, but I tailor the voice rather than the environment.

Environment Healing

Clicks & Bangs & Booms & Pops…They’re never ending! 
No Fear…  Let’s fix it in post.

Media that gets heard.

Balancing levels and tones.  Selecting and supervising music.  Designing and sculpting sonic experiences.  I have you covered up down all-around.  Whether you want the full-meal-deal on your documentary, or just need specific surgery on a troublesome part, the secret sauce is here.

Whether you want it all, or just something small. I’ve got you covered.

A Subtle Touch,  A Profound Affect.

Below are some short and sweet tastes of how this all comes together for my clients.


CUPE Saskatchewan 

A short political documentary showcasing a bit of everything.  Mixed, sound designed, and mastered for the wild wild web by yours truly.

Before & After

Jukebox Print

Sometimes it’s difficult to know the difference a mix really makes for the experience of your viewer. I’ve crafted this little video so you can hear how your investment in sound shapes the experience.

Before & After


This is another little before & after video to show the journey sound can take from being dull & flat to bright and full of life. The feeling is subtle, but it’s the subtleties that turn good into great.


End Gang Life

This is a short piece I did for the Vancouver Police Department/Canadian Government. Creative glitchy FX, eerie harmony, and some great acting.  It was a lot of fun juicing this one up.


Canadian Rocks

Sometimes we don’t need to bring the viewer into another world. Sometimes we just need to draw them into the one they already know. All of the sounds in this short commercial were created from synths and sound banks. Nothing on location but the monologe.

Born and bred in the great Holly-North;  Beyond Balance is the work of Adam Johnson and a trusted company of sonic specialists. 
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