If you love building brand stories,  I love helping you.

sound clear &

Story sells.  And better sound makes better story. 

Sound Clear — Be Heard.

BB Sound Factory is the sound artistry of Adam Johnson. My boutique team and I serve content specialists who position brand stories through documentary and advertising media. Sound makes picture pop, sound brings dynamism and flow to an edit, sound helps the viewer forget that they’re watching a story—and allows them to identify with the story. When it’s done right, nobody knows anything’s been done at all.

A Sound For Any Occasion

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“Adam has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the years. From branded pieces to short documentaries, Adam’s ear for sound brings another layer to each of our projects. An open collaborator, skilled sound mixer and wonderful human.”

JON CHIANG, jonchiang.com

“I’m listening to the new master file from our recording engineer Adam Johnson. I tell you, this man is amazing!  The mixing that he is doing is remarkable.”

Colin Hillstrom, colinhillstrom.com

“Your sound work is exceptional and has taken our visuals to a new level. We’re very grateful to be working with you!”

Paula Krasiun-Winsel, CUPE Saskatchewan

Using Sound to Sell

If you’re making media today then your content is telling a story, or at least it should be.  The only way to stand out in the noisebed of the internet is to create eleven touch points that fulfill seven hours of value across at least four platforms.  Your customer won’t stick around for more than six seconds if you don’t sound clear, it’s that simple.  Picture can create context, but sound draws them in; it makes the context an experience, and the experience a memory.

I help advertisements sound clear
so they can connect

I gotchu, sonically speaking.

It’s my mission to make it easy for creators to get amazing and consistent sounding content, every time.

Mixes That Translate

With so many viewing mediums nowadays it’s paramount to ensure your media sounds great across all systems.  With our calibrated setup you can trust that it will.

Custom SFX & Foley

Nothing paints life into a scene like sound.  With every mix I provide custom foley and sound design to bring your visuals to life.

Dialogue Rx

Noise, birds, airplanes – oh my! There are so many curveballs in recording.  Our promise to you after a decade of experience is that if it’s possible to remove – I can.

Multi Platform Spec

We’ll discuss whatever specs you might need for your intended broadcast platform(s) for each project.  Multi-level masters are no problem.

Easy Revisions

View your master in context and easily leave-time stamped notes for revisions with Frame’s industry leading collaborative tools.  My guess is if you’re here reading this, you’re probably already familiar!


Picture lock is set, the sound and colouring are mastered, and then boom!  A new edit is needed.  Access to stems is amazingly convenient for quick tweaks, shifts in the edit, or cutting shorts.

Cloud Collaboration

You can send me your files with your favorite cloud storage app, and I’ll upload your master and stems to dropbox or another app if you prefer.  A simple and sweet, totally remote workflow.

Easy Flat Rates.

Years of experience offer the insight for accurate flat rate contracts.  We’ll explore the scope thoroughly over our initial call, and draft a clear rate within the day.

Photoshop For Audio

Great storytellers make great stories.  And great storytellers deserve to be heard loud & clear.  Every-time a project goes on the line here your interviews are cleaned with state of the art software called iZotope RX.  It’s like photoshop for audio – and it gets the voice of your talent in the pocket with more intimacy and forward presence so they can be heard as you intended.

Hand tailored audio restoration to help your story-tellers be heard as you intended

Audio Rx Samples

Nothing takes the intimacy out of your message like odd sounds from beyond the picture.  I use industry-leading audio restoration software in every mix to ensure that all the viewer gets are your voices, as you intended.

Room Cancelling

AC, fridges, light fixtures, oh my!  Almost every room has a “tone” it brings to the table..  

Noisy Lips

You may not hear them during the interview.  But the microphone sure does

Excessive S's

Microphones & Recorders absolutely LOVE to emphasize this harsh band of frequencies.

Ambience Matching

Is your perfect take a bunch of takes?  Ambience matching is the secret sauce.

Tone Matching

Similar to ambience matching, but I tailor the voice rather than the environment.

Environment Healing

Clicks & Bangs & Booms & Pops…They’re never ending! 
No Fear…  Let’s fix it in post.

Easy Markup with Frame.io

Have you ever hired someone to mix your project and received your mixdown only to import it into your software, open up a notepad, and jot down all of your revisions with time-stamps beside your notes?… (then do it all again for round 2?)  Yeah…I think that’s ridiculous too.   That’s why I collaborate with Frame.io so you can listen to your sound and input your notes in context, right away, from any device.  

Leave notes from any device, right on the timeline, in context with your film.

A Subtle Touch,  A Profound Affect.

Below are some short excerpts from projects over the years.



This Ad for Telu’s smartwear tech was a ton of fun.  Some deep scooping booms, foley to bring the scenes to life, and the sounds of shredding ice.  A lot of impact in a short space.


MMA Fighting

This is a documentary about weight cutting in mma fighting leagues.  Our excerpt here showcases a sonic blend of vocal balance, music, and custom Foley SFX for punches, kicks, grapples, and a thrilling look into the mind of a fighter.


Overcoming Trauma In Relationship

Catherine & Duane are psychologists with decades of work in the field of trauma; particularly how it appears in relationships.  In this insightful documentary style e-course we showcase a blend striking, eerie, and domestic abuse sounds that bring the viewer into their world.



This project was super fun.  Every sound you hear other than the voice was sourced and designed here in the studio.  The whole shoot was MOS.  Each 1-minute spot is a multi=layered cake of both real foley, imagined atmosphere, and slamming sports FX. 



This a meaningful and touching piece about a medal-winning blind Canadian swimmer.  This excerpt features a balance of voice and music, as well as a montage of swimming foley both above and below the water.



Low-end sweeps are fantastic ways to stitch edits together, especially when the feature is speeding through the forest on her bike!  This excerpt offers a cool montage of Bike sounds, motion FX, factory and machinery sounds, trash impact, and a lot of really smart people talking about really smart things.

SFX & FOley

Brands & Logos

This is a short & fun montage of custom sfx designed for brand VFX and logos.  Partly real sounds, partly imagination, all good stuff.  If you have a company logo at the front or back of your doc, you can be sure we’ll craft a sweet and subtle soundscape to make it pop.